Celestial Fields Rabbitry

Celestial Fields Rabbitry

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New Zealand Does (Currently in our Barn)

Esterline's Cheyanne - Cheyanne is a beautiful doe with very nice conformation.  She has won 2 GC legs with limited showing.  She is happier being a mom than a show hound, so she is semi retired to the brood barn.
4D's Padme - Padme is a big gorgeous doe with correct conformation and the "overweight" size that I love so much. She has had 1 litter for her previous owners "Precious Lops Rabbitry" and she did very well with them.  She also has 1 GC leg with limited showing.  She may make it back to the show table to finish out her GC certificate in the spring after she raises another litter for me. Padme is retired as she is currently tipping the scales at 14lbs 4oz.
CFR Baretta- 2R's Ruger x CFR Marsyas - Baretta is a lovely young doe who has done quite well on the show table.  She is another who does not care to be shown, so will probably never get her GC certificate.  She has 1 GC leg from very limited showing, and she is perfectly fine with stopping there! She is retired to the brood barn to be a great mommy!
CFR Pele- Esterline's Skunk Pistol x 4D's Padme- 3 GC Legs, Registered Grand Champion. Please excuse the picture, it was taken when she was 9 weeks old.  A better photo is coming soon! Her daughter CFR No Regrets has won 2 Best in Show awards and 2 Reserve in Show awards to date!

Britesun's Echidna- Kidders (barn name) already has 3 junior Grand Champion legs and 1 Intermediate GC leg. Nice little doe. *Update! Kidders got a BOV win at one of the Red Bluff, CA shows and it qualified her for her final leg! Go Kidders!*  Kidder's recently added two more legs to her belt bringing her up to a grand total of 6 legs! Her registration and GC paperwork was recently sent in, and we should have some babies available from her in the spring of 2016. Message for details!

CFR Freya- Carebear's Zeus x CFR Adrastea
CFR MacKay- Bonnie's DeKuyper x CFR Freya
Tisher's Hecate- Gorgeous broken doe that we picked up at convention.  She is bringing gorgeous conformation and new bloodlines to our herd.  Picture coming soon.
CFR Selene- Manuel's 9C40M x CFR Libra
CFR Chaos- ZHR Capricorn x CFR Ariel
CFR Styx- FW's Mercury x CFR Marsyas
CFR Snowbunny- Currie's Hector x CFR Libra- She has 1 GC leg from one outing from the barn!
CFR Dionysis - Log's Zephyr x CFR Selene 2 Grand Champion Legs
CFR Banshee - 2R's Ruger x CFR Pisces Big gorgeous white doe. Pictures coming soon.
CFR Choice - Currie's Hector x CFR Chaos
Weber's Zoey - Very nice white do that Aunt Dail picked up at the 2012 convention in Kansas. She will be getting registered and her 3 legs sent in to get her GC certificate shortly.  She may only stay with us a few litters or she may stay for the rest of her life! Either way we are happy to have her.